Books that GTD’ers might enjoy.

Many of my readers are big fans of David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  The fans of David Allen’s system often refer to themselves as GTD’ers (Getting Things Done “ers” ). Two similar books that  explore time management from a slightly different approach are:

  • Get It All Done & Still be Human – A Personal Time-Management Workshop by Tony and Robbie Fanning – Chilton Book Company U.S.A., 1979
  • Do It Tomorrow and other Secrets of Time Management by Mark Forster – Hodder & Stroughton – United Kingdom, 2006

Get It All Done is an evergreen kind of book. An evergreen being a perennial favorite.  Get It All Done is a great book to take on a plane or read during a vacation to get a new perspective. The  authors (Fannings) give a variety of  mind mapping ideas that can be done in your moleskin or on  a piece of paper. There is also an interesting section regarding “images of time”.  While this book does not discuss electronic and software tools of the 21 century,  it gets one thinking about time. These thoughts get us  motivated towards making changes.

Do It Tomorrow discusses  a variety of things  GTD’ers may like. The best takeaways are  “having a clear vision” and ” Open vs. Closed Lists”. Like most productivity experts,  Forster states  “The aim of a vision is to bring clarity and focus”.  He makes a clear point: “When you decide on a course of action you should not only be choosing it but also rejecting all the alternative courses of action”.  One of his best exercises in the book Do It Tomorrow is writing a list of things you are not going to tomorrow. Other concepts brought in to consideration are Closed Lists and  Open Lists.  One cannot add to Closed Lists.  Open lists, on the other hand, can be  added to at any time.  By consistently working on a closed list you can deal with the backlog of work.

Both books are relatively short with lots of thought provoking exercises. If you are a GTD’er you might want to add these books to your “To Read” list for your enjoyment this summer.

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  1. Thanks for this reference . I am new to this group of books for sure .Sure can help me a lot .
    Looking forward to read more on it .

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