Make Time for Kudos

Kudos means a praising remark.  We all like to be appreciated and acknowledged for our work or contributions.  Let’s spend some time exploring kudos.

Why Give Kudos

There are a few reasons to give kudos. First, we all like to be acknowledged and appreciated. Second, appreciating someone’s work or efforts can sometimes be the catalyst to develop or deepen a new or existing personal or work relationship. Third, kudos are sometimes the sustaining embers in people’s lives.

How to Give Kudos

Kudos can be verbal or written. Kudos  can be physically given as in a handwritten note, card or with a small token gift.  Kudos can also be given via an email or on a blog posting can be made from time to time.

Receiving Kudos

It is nice to receive kudos. Kudos can be put up on a bulletin board or display shelf. Verbal kudos can be transformed to penned lines and  inserted into an appreciation journal.

Appreciating the Giver of the  Kudos

It is polite to acknowledge the sender for their sentiments or gifts, either by verbalizing your appreciation or by sending an acknowledging note.

Making Kudos part of Your Routine

Take time to routinely reflect and send appropriate kudos to those around you. Kudos giving can be a nice break in a full or busy week.  Kudos giving makes us look outside of ourselves, which can be helpful when we are too inward thinking.

Who can you give kudos to in your life?



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3 responses to “Make Time for Kudos

  1. This is a great idea.

    I note that recently Michael Hyatt introduced The Noticer Project based on the book “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews. It is a chance to publically thank people who have been great influencers in your life. These people then get an email from the project with your “kudos” on it.

    These were my 5 biggest influencers and the kudos I was honoured to send.

    Thanks for highlighting the need to do this Terry. Kudos to you!

  2. Terry, this is an often overlooked aspect of our relationships. At work, we are busy trying to get things done and do not always take the time to celebrate our successes or each other. At home, we often are busy and take things for granted. Going about our chores, we do the same.

    Great post about how taking the time to notice, recognize and celebrate the achievements of others makes a huge difference in their lives and yours.

  3. Having kids has made me realize just how powerful positive kuddos can be. It’s amazing how they respond – and adults too! I try to recognize good efforts or deeds everyday all around me.

    Great post! Thanks

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