Five Secrets to Organizing Others

Clients often ask me what they can do to help organize their colleagues, volunteers and associates.  Here are five secrets to organizing others:

1. Communicate

State your needs in specific and concrete terms. Be sure to set deadlines.

Susan, Can I please have the factory data for the Smith Report by Tuesday morning. That will enable me to have time to submit my report on time.

2. Train and explain “Why”

When you are implementing a new system or trying to motivate someone to change their habits you need to be able to explain the process step by step or in sequence.

Susan, please use the subject heading “Smith Data” when you are sending the factory report excel sheet to me. This helps me locate it in my email box.

Sam, when you are completing the on-line supply request order you have to utilize your  employee code in the top box. List the product numbers with the added location prefix IOU. This will ensure we get the order at our plant without delay.

3. Reward and Appreciate

We all work better in a positive environment. When you see new behavior or habit’s,  praise the individual and their undertaking.

Sue,  I appreciate your efforts to make the deadline for the Smith Report.

4. Be Creative

Getting organized takes some creativity and thinking outside the box. Think of how you can streamline or organize the work. Brainstorm and develop some forms for routine tasks. This helps others provide information to you in a consistent format.

Work with your team to identify,  categorize and organize new projects as soon as possible. Let them join the “how shall we organize this?” process. They may have ideas that enhance your own.

5. Lead to Succeed

Your own effectiveness and the results that occur because of being organized is the best of all motivators for others.

So, what about you? Do you have a sixth or seventh way to organize others? Your comments are invited!



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3 responses to “Five Secrets to Organizing Others

  1. Hi, Terry!
    Long time, no see!
    I have an idea that’s kind of an elaboration on point #3 and that’s to remind everyone of the larger goals we’re all after. Sometimes when people get lost in the thicket of a big project, or discouraged during a long-term project, they can revitalize their interest by reaffirming why they’re doing the work in the first place. Revitalizing that energy helps people get back on the organization track.

  2. When in a work/corporate setting, it’s best to lead by example. If you’re organized others will respect you for it. If you meet deadlines, rewards others, incorporate creativity, etc eventually the team you’re leading will too. The suggestions you make are great and can become the culture of the work environment but it has to start at the top! Excellent points!

  3. Love this post, Terry. Organizing others is one of the many aspects of business (and life) that seems easier than it is.

    I spent a while with a client today talking about this, and we focused on the idea of matching people skills with job/project needs. Everyone feels more enthusiastic doing something they enjoy and do well.

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