The Age of Speed

The Age of Speed – Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster- Now World, is a quick but worthwhile read, written by Olympian and motivational speaker Vince Poscente.  I enjoyed discovering where I was in my “approach to speed”.  The book defines “speed” as an adaptation to new technology, processes and productivity methods.

Classifications made by Poscente for one’s approach to speed are  zeppelin, balloon, bottle rocket or jet; The most successful varieties being a jet or balloon.

This  231 page book (hardcover – Bard Press version)  reads like a Seth Godin’s Purple Cow , Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink  or Spencer Johnson’s One Minute Manager.

It is worth investing the two to three hours time to ingest this book. I expect you will review and ponder your approach to speed for many months after reading this insightful book. It might be a good concept to review every three to five years as technology becomes more readily available.

This book is easy on the eyes and I enjoy and appreciate the graphics, that reminds me of Jessica Hagy’s Indexed.

Professional organizers and coaches may enjoy the graphics that portray time and decision making in the Chapter 3: Supply and Demand  and Chapter 4: More Life Please.

The concept of aerodynamics includes – to be free of clutter, to be in your metaphorical perfect form, ensuring that excess drag doesn’t slow you down and add chaos to your organization, work, family, relationships and well being.

If you have read this book, let me know which category you are in or are striving for.  If you haven’t read the book, I encourage you to make the time and find out your approach to speed.

Note: this book has also been released in paperback by Ballentine Books – Random House.

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