Places to Think

I have found that my choice of places “to think” depends on what I need to focus on.  Sometimes I need complete quiet and other times I need activity and noise to get me going.

A  place with limited distractions is usually the most desirable location to practice your deep or process development thinking. Good locations outside the office or home are libraries, cafes, art museums and bookstores. Parks, gardens or nature spots are often excellent settings. Some individuals find that their thinking improves with some soothing music in the background. Others find themselves doing their most creative thinking while performing routine tasks such as weeding, emptying the dishwasher or working out.

Have you  examined your thinking habits?  Where do you do your most productive thinking?



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9 responses to “Places to Think

  1. imaginativelife

    I do a lot of thinking in the car. I do a fair amount of driving as I live in the country and in that space, my right brain kicks in. I also walk a lot, especially when I get stuck. When I start walking, my brain starts moving. Sitting by water is a good place. I think when I read. different thinking in different places for different reasons.

  2. Terry, I love the insightful topics of your blog posts. Awareness of thinking and how to leverage it for your own productivity is something few people think about.

    With regards to places to think, I’d like to add my suggestion of the shower (or the tub, for those who prefer to bathe). There’s something about water and its physical flowing that seems to release the flow of thoughts as well. In an interview with Alan Greenspan, he explained that he does his creative thinking in the tub (and even manages to make [wet] notes of his ideas as they occur to him).

  3. Early morning before I get out of bed is my best thinking time.

  4. I think all day long wherever I am.

    The most creative thinking I do under the shower. The hot water and its relaxing effect has a positive impact on my ideas. This is the reason why I shower very long. Often half an hour.

  5. I never stop thinking; but my most PRODUCTIVE is usually in that moment where I just wake up – I have such a point of clarity when I’m between sleep and wake.

  6. I am with imaginativelife, I tend to think a lot in the car while driving.

    Another great place to think is the shower, yes! I tend to answer and layout my day in my head each morning while cleaning up. It’ s just like that commerical, I didn’t stay in a holiday inn, but I do like to shower every morning!

  7. The funny thing is (or perhaps crazy) is that I do some of my most creative thinking in a slightly noisy environment like perhaps the cafe or in the office with the music playing.

    The cafe though really works for me because it gets me out of the office and into a space where I can get some sun (by sitting outside), get some air and really just get out for a change of scenery to do some good thinking!

    PS. Came here through Darren’s 31DBBB challenge. So “hello”…

    • Hi Ricardo,

      I don’t think you are alone in needing a slightly noisy environment. Cafe thinking has been one of my favorites to get the thinking started – especially when it pertains to a new project or getting a new concept developed from the ground up.


  8. Good question. I find that I can easily fall into thoughts or a project almost anywhere there is activity. I have a 30 min train ride both ways to my office and do some of my more creative work if I can get a seat! The busier the place, the more I tend to get into that zone.

    Mindless work like gardening, cleaning house or painting can spark creativity, just like doing art projects with my kids.

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