Accomplishment and Achievement Journal

I have kept an accomplishment journal for close to twenty years. This is a small notebook that contains a running list of my life’s accomplishments and achievements. This is a very personal but powerful tool.  Think of it like a running “to do list” but one that has been done.

Accomplishments are personal goals I have achieved (Distinguished Toastmaster Award), business developments (designed initial NSGCD Certificate and Certification program), new skills I have learned (begin blog – Transition Your Life) , developing my website, books I have read and finished (Bleak House), big or special trips I have made (Sweden).

Sometimes the accomplishments I list and record are private acknowledgments I have received (emails, letters, small tokens).   These accomplishments however, are not all tangible awards, promotions or credentials. Instead the accomplishments I list are often conversations I have had, times when I have been fully present or times when I supported my family members, business partners or friends with certain activities, ideas, actions or inaction’s.

The accomplishment journal provides me a sense of my life’s history, patterns and of stretch. When I want to venture into something new, I often spend a short period of time reflecting on my achievements and accomplishments. This gives me the strength and courage to proceed and go forward.

Consider taking the time to locate a small attractive book to become your accomplishment journal. Make your first entry –

  • 2-09 Purchased an Accomplishment Journal


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5 responses to “Accomplishment and Achievement Journal

  1. Terry, I love the idea of creating an Accomplishment Journal! I think I even have a beautiful journal that I received as a gift that needs to be given a purpose. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Hi Terry,

    Great to see you blogging… I discovered your site through LinkedIn.

    I love the idea of an accomplishment journal, too. I had thought of something similar in an excel spreadsheet but an actual journal is a nice touch.

    John aka OrganizingLA

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