The Power of the Pause

The Pause.  Generally, not celebrated. Generally ignored, but incredibly powerful. The pause has power. The power to make someone think, re-frame, process and comprehend. Not pausing contributes to less than successful communications as well as negotiations.

Sometimes pausing for just a few seconds can seem like a million minutes. It is the uncomfortable silence that can deliver us to a new level of communications. Learning to pause takes patience and courage.

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One response to “The Power of the Pause

  1. Fred

    I think Terry is brings up a great point about the power of pausing. Too often nowadays in movies and in our own fast-paced lifestyles there is not enough time to relax, ponder and engage in wonder. Pausing allows us to put everything in perspective and look inward to develop our inner voice. It’s very effective in public speaking and not used enough. All of us need to pause more.

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