Five ways you can contribute to a conversation!

I recently read a series of blogs and articles about branding and technology that made me want to develop an interesting concept further.  Feeding the Puppy, by John Willshire, had  four visual badges or little symbolic heads representing  What can you do  – being useful, being educational, being connective and being entertaining. 

We certainly can bring the following to the conversation or situation.

Be Useful

Be Educational

Be Entertaining

Be Connective

I pondered this for awhile, but then decided something was missing. There is something else we can do, we can be motivational.  

Motivators come in all types. They are often coaches, close friends or spiritual advisers. These are individuals who call us to action in a unique way. They develop us and can motivate us in our physical, spiritual, social or cognitive selves.

To be fair, let me start with the original premise and some of the history. The article was part of an opinion article in the online Guardian UK by Emily Bell in September 2008, that technologists are motivated in providing one of four things – usefulness, entertainment, education and social connectivity to people


Blogger Ed Cotton, of Influx Insights took this opinion in September 2008 to a different spectrum in terms of branding that inferred one could be useful, educational, entertaining or connective. This blog was then brilliantly conceptualized in what may be termed “visual badges”, by the people at Feeding the Puppy asking What can you do for people? Hence this is where I originally found it. A few days later I ran across an article about the importance of searching for what was missing (Look for an upcoming blog on this in a few days time). All this brought me back to the premise of what can people do in their conversations.  

So who will you “be” in your upcoming conversations?

Be Useful

Be Educational

Be Entertaining

Be Connective

Be Motivating

Choose one and you will be contributing much to the conversation.


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One response to “Five ways you can contribute to a conversation!

  1. Hmm..actually those are actually really good categories. I’ve been teaching conversation for the last year, and I must admit that’s a very good way of looking at how to provide value into a conversation. I really enjoyed this post.

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