Aquiring Material

How do great ideas and works get generated? Thoughts can be random, thoughts can be focused. Little or big incidents can begin the ignition of a new idea.

One word can be the catalyst or a sentence can cause a series of ideas to pop into one’s head. I recently watched a presentation by Malcomn Gladwell who indicated as he does in his new book Outliers – that it can take up to 10,000 hours of work to bring something great into fruition.

So let’s get working.



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2 responses to “Aquiring Material

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  2. Fred

    Outlier’s is a valuable concept because it gets us thinking about our uniqueness. Our uniqueness is precious. John Stuart Mill addressed this in his book On Liberty when he defended eccentricity as a path to truth and spiritual freedom. Instead of shunning our creative outliers that make us unique, we should celebrate them and use them to our advantage to gain powerful insights into ourselves, philosphical matters and how to master the art of living. Thanks to Terry for introducing us to this book and the concept!

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