Virtual Avatars – They may be coming your way soon!

I just read Jason Kincaid’s posting in the techcrunch blog about VirtuOz.  This company makes avatars or virtual agents for companies to provide virtual assistance to basic questions. I searched the VirtuOz website high and low for an actual example (it seems a good place would have been on their website as part of their contact us, or job opportunities), and finally left going to another site, made by a commentator on techcrunch which directed me to InteliWISE.

The InteliWise set features a very sexy (maybe too sexy) woman – a video avatar who responds to your questions.

Taking this a bit further,  I think it would have been nice to be able to select from a team, perhaps male or female, or maybe even select a slightly more conservatively dressed person to answer my questions. I am sure as time progresses video and virtual avatars will be another feature added to online information providers.

And for those of you who want to know – the answer by the Inteliwise avatar on “What is Terry thinking?”

You know what? I think that everyone should have a pet lizard.

That wasn’t exactly what I had on my mind, but maybe in a few months, the  avatar will have something  to say, closer to what I am actually thinking about.



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3 responses to “Virtual Avatars – They may be coming your way soon!

  1. Hello Terry,

    You can find some of our products at our client websites ( or

    They don’t do videos but we have some european clients who do video.

    • Thanks Pascal, for the added information. But I would still love to see either links on your site to your client’s for specific examples, or better yet, see your company using it in some simple way (FAQ’s, explaining why a virtual avatar is the right choice). This would be very helpful and model some of your work.

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