Trends for Early 2009

Here is a list of my observations and predictions for early 2009

  1. Individual Privacy Rights weaken
  2. Global weak economy
  3. Social Media expansion
  4. Uncertainty through October due to US government changes
  5. Right sizing one’s life
  6. Educational choices expand – vocational schools will get more attention.
  7. Rearranging what one has – growth for re-designer industry
  8. Indoor air quality becomes important
  9. Outdoor air quality becomes an issue in many states. Wood burning limitations increase.
  10. Orphan diseases may get more attention
  11. Low cost hobbies on the rise
  12. DIY interest continues
  13. Blogs increase substantially in 2009
  14. Employers seek more productive employees
  15. Teleclass industry increases
  16. Off the grid/network vacations become more in vogue
  17. Business travel declines

(c) 2009 all rights reserved

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