Predictors of Backsliding

Backsliding, it occurs frequently to us all and especially to our clients. Use this checklist to see if your clients are candidates.

□ Does your client have chronic physical health issues?

□ Has your client mentioned a history of depression or the start of new treatment for a mental health concern?

□ Does your client have a special needs or medically fragile family member?

□ Is your client taking care of, or responsible for elderly parents or aging relatives?

□ Is your client expecting a new child or adding a family member to their household?

□ Is your client having relationship problems or divorcing?

□ Is your client’s financial state a serious concern in hiring a professional organizer?

□ Are your clients in the middle of or planning a remodel or major home improvement project in their home?

□ Has your client just begun to work from home?

□ Has your client or their significant other recently lost a job?

□ Has your client just begun a new job or taken on more responsibility at work?

□ Is your client planning or involved in a major celebration such as a family wedding, big number anniversary or birthday party, or hosting a family reunion?

□ Is your client actively grieving a recent or series of recent family, friend or pet losses?

□ Are you approaching a “traditional” seasonal season – such as summer or entering the November/December holidays?

□ Has your client worked with a professional organizer before?

Most of the previous predictor questions when answered yes, relate to the common reasons for backsliding. When your client answers yes to one of the predictors, it helps to bring this item to the forefront and let the client know they meet the criteria for backsliding and they should not expect fast or instant transformation.

Terry Prince (c) 2008


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